Right of First Refusal Guide

If you’re looking into selling the freehold of a property that contains flats, you need to know about the Right of First Refusal.

The Right of First Refusal is part of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, as amended by the Housing Act 1996, that requires you by law to [...]

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Freehold 101: Everything You Need To Know About Freehold Properties [Infographic]


There has never been a livelier time for real estate investment than today. Quick exchanges between buyers and sellers, rising market costs, plus the hunt for stability have all contributed to the need for one’s own property. The market is both exciting and lucrative, but only if you know [...]

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I’m a Freeholder – What are my Responsibilities?

As a freeholder, you own a plot of land and any property that sits on it. This property may be divided into flats which are occupied by leaseholders, has a car park/ driveway and a garden – all of which require regular maintenance. So what are your freeholder responsibilities?

Having [...]

What is the Right of First Refusal?

Basically speaking, the Right of First Refusal (RFR) is a contractual entitlement which gives an individual or party the opportunity to ‘enter into a business transaction’ with another entity before that entity can take its business proposition elsewhere. It is most commonly seen in situations where there is a [...]

What is Marriage Value?

Freeholding and leaseholding … it’s a complicated world that operates with rules and regulations most of us have no concept of. For example, did you know that running a lease to under 90 years can start to damage your resale options, making a property lose value?

Also, did you know that [...]

Freehold vs Leasehold

The team at Freehold Sale Ltd speaks with freeholders and leaseholders on a daily basis. Worryingly, we often find that many of them don’t fully understand the differences between the two. What is more concerning is that many of these people are not aware of the legalities and responsibilities [...]

Buying a Leasehold Property – What you Need to Know

The number of people buying leasehold properties has risen dramatically over recent years, yet some lack knowledge about how leaseholds actually work. There are many points to consider when buying a leasehold property so here’s a few things worth considering and things to be aware of before jumping in [...]