Freeholder Responsibilities

looking up to the sky Freeholder Responsibilities

A guide to maintenance and repair responsibilities in blocks of flats

Understanding who is responsible for maintenance and repairs in a leasehold block of flats is essential for both freeholders and leaseholders. Having this awareness will ...
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3D home made from puzzle blocks to denote a share of freehold Freeholder Responsibilities

Share of freehold guide

In this share of freehold guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of owning a share of the freehold for the building in which you ...
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Cleaning products for Covid-19 Freeholder Responsibilities

Freeholder’s guide to health and safety in blocks of flats

Health and safety practices in blocks of flats are essential in order to safeguard leaseholders, surrounding neighbours, and of course your property. Blocks of flats ...
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Building maintenance taking place on a block of flats Freeholder Responsibilities

A guide to the Section 20 consultation process

As a landlord of a residential freehold, there is a good possibility that you will be required to organise major works. Major works are usually ...
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Freeholder with responsibilities holding block of flats in hands Freeholder Responsibilities

I’m a freeholder – what are my responsibilities?

As a freeholder, you own a plot of land and any property or structures that sit upon it. This property may be divided into flats ...
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Frozen outside pipe and tap on residential brick property Freeholder Responsibilities

8 Winter maintenance tips for freehold properties

Winters in the United Kingdom are undeniably unpredictable, but we can usually expect to experience fierce storms, freezing temperatures and snow on at least a ...
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Residential, period brick building containing flats Freeholder Responsibilities

Buying a freehold with leasehold properties? Here’s what you need to know.

If you’re thinking about buying a freehold with leasehold properties, there’s a lot you need to take into consideration. Owning this type of freehold property ...
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Freeholder jumping up in celebration after successfully organising maintenance and major works Freeholder Responsibilities

How to successfully organise maintenance & major works

Maintenance and repair work is an inevitability when it comes to property. Without these works, our buildings would deteriorate, diminish in value, and could potentially ...
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Section 20 Notice template for major works with a pen, ready for signing Freeholder Responsibilities

New for freeholders: Free Notice templates & services

Freehold Sale is now offering a range of Notice solutions to freeholders who require support with Sections 3, 20 and 166 of the Landlord and ...
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