London’s housing boom In 2014 – Infographic

Stacks of British pound coins escalating in height

I have been in the property business for many years. From being a small investor, running a chain of estate agents to being a portfolio landlord, and developing new build projects. I’ll often speak with people who ask for my advice on what to buy, when to buy it or even how to buy it. There are no guaranteed safe bets however, if you do enough research and providing you have a good network of people around you it will certainly help you to invest wisely.

The housing boom in London is a widely discussed topic and it continues to keep so many of us guessing as time goes on. As much as some people like to believe they have a sixth sense when it comes to buying and selling at the right time, we do all rely on many factors which are out of our hands. For first time buyers it must be a nervous time as you see the prices rise then realise that you no longer have the funds to buy your ideal home in the location you desire. For those lucky enough to have purchased a London property from the early 90’s to the mid 00’s, you will be amazed as to how much money you have earned from your investment.

London fascinates me. From the buildings and  architecture, the underground, the rich history, to the East End culture and of course, the property market. To so many around the world, it is one of the most desirable cities and it’s no wonder the property market has boomed as much as it has when there is so much demand for housing. I’m always researching this topic as I have a direct interest.

I’ve put together some of my findings in this infographic. Feel free to share it if you find it useful.

Adam Lowe

Adam Lowe

Adam has worked in the property sector for 20+ years. He specialises in the ground rent and freehold reversion space, providing services to clients from private landlords to corporate investors. Freehold Sale launched In 2013 where Adam enjoyed success building and managing freehold portfolios with partner companies.

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