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Section 20 Notice template for major works with a pen, ready for signing

Freehold Sale is now offering a range of Notice solutions to freeholders who require support with Sections 3, 20 and 166 of the Landlord and Tenant Act. With free notice templates and low-cost, professional services, freeholders can comply with their legal obligations more easily. These new solutions complement our existing Right of First Refusal Section 5 Notice service, which is offered to freeholders who are selling their freehold ground rents.

We have a deep understanding of the complexities of Notices and we appreciate that they can be both challenging and costly for some freeholders to serve to their tenants. We also know that Notice templates can be difficult to find online and when you do find them, they often come with a catch. That’s why we have decided to offer freeholders a range of free templates and services for some of the most frequently required Notices relating to freehold properties.

Our team has decades of experience with freehold ground rent properties. From buying and selling freeholds to the responsibilities of owning a freehold property, we are experts in the industry. And with a large portfolio of freehold properties, we’ve prepared and served countless Notices to our tenants in order to comply with our legal obligations. This makes us well equipped to provide professional and efficient Notice solutions to other freeholders who require assistance.

While our free templates are ideal for the less complicated Notices, we also offer a service where we can assist freeholders with the Section 166 demand for ground rent. Here, we act on the behalf of freeholders to prepare and serve the notices. Our aim is to provide our customers with peace of mind that the notices will be served correctly in order to meet their legal obligations and ensure that they can easily collect rent owed to them.

We provide Notice templates which can be used for freehold properties throughout England and Wales. However, there are slightly different rules for Section 166 in England and Wales, so freeholders must specify where their property is located when requesting the template. We can also act on the behalf of freeholders to serve Section 5 and 166 Notices for freehold properties in the same locations.

After sending a request direct from our website using a simple form, freeholders will receive their Notice templates straight to their email inbox. To enquire about our bespoke services for Section 5 or 166, freeholders simply need to call, email or submit a request for information via our contact form.

Failing to comply with the legal requirements of such Notices can have severe consequences including a fine and a criminal conviction, so it is extremely important that freeholders feel competent when using notice templates. We hope that by providing these Notice solutions, we will make it easier and less expensive for freeholders to undertake their legal duties.

Learn more about our notice templates and services below

Section 3 Notice – Assignment of Landlord’s Interest

On purchasing a Freehold property, you are legally required to inform your tenants that you are their new landlord. You must provide this information by way of an official Section 3 Notice and it must be provided by the new landlord. This means that even if the previous landlord notified his tenants of a change of ownership, the new landlord must still do so. Failure to comply is a summary offence and can lead to a criminal conviction and a fine. 

View the Section 3 Notice Template

Section 20 Notice – Consultation Process for Major Works

When a freehold property requires large scale repairs and the contribution from any one leaseholder will exceed £250, freeholders will need to serve Section 20 Notices. Consisting of a three-stage consultation process, the Section 20 Notice is in place to protect both freeholders and leaseholders.

View the Section 20 Notice template

Section 166 Notice – Ground Rent Demand

To collect ground rent from tenants, freeholders will need to serve them with a Section 166 Demand Notice. This notice will enable freeholders to legally issue backdated demands for rent for up to six years. However, if the Section 166 Demand Notice is not served correctly in the prescribed format, the leaseholder will not be liable to make any payment for ground rent.

As the Section 166 Notice can be a little more complicated, especially when claiming unpaid ground rent, we offer a service in which we act on the behalf of freeholders. This is available for a low-cost fee which is based on the number of leases in the building and how many years of unpaid ground rent we are collecting. We also offer a free Section 166 Notice template for freeholders who feel confident in serving this notice themselves.

Learn more about Section 166

Section 5 Notice – Right of First Refusal / Sale Notice

In most instances, the Right of First Refusal Notice must be offered to any qualifying tenants when you want to sell freehold ground rents. It offers leaseholders the opportunity to purchase the freehold before another party does. As a legal requirement for freeholders, failure to comply or serve the notices correctly can result in a criminal conviction and a fine.

To assist freeholders with the many complex requirements of Section 5, we can act on their behalf by preparing and serving the notices for them. We offer this service as standard to customers who sell their freehold ground rents to us, however, we can also provide this service to freeholders who are selling their property to another party. Our unique Section 5 Notice service is available at no cost to the freeholder.

Learn more about Section 5

All of our Notice templates are 100% free documents that can help freeholders to fulfil their legal obligations. Whenever we serve notices on behalf of our customers, we retain all postage receipts for their file along with all related documentation.

If you have any questions or are unsure about which solution is right for you, contact one of our knowledgeable freehold advisors.


Adam Lowe

Adam Lowe

Adam has worked in the property sector for 20+ years. He specialises in the ground rent and freehold reversion space, providing services to clients from private landlords to corporate investors. Freehold Sale launched In 2013 where Adam enjoyed success building and managing freehold portfolios with partner companies.

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