Negotiation assistance

For lease extensions and freehold ownership transfers

Our negotiation service helps to limit your cost liabilities in reaching a fair agreement to extend the terms of a lease or to transfer ownership of a freehold. Leveraging many years of industry expertise in negotiating lease extension premiums, freehold acquisitions and disposals, we can assist both leaseholders and freeholders to save time and money in these challenging legal processes.

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Expert negotiation assistance for freeholders & leaseholders

Ensure that a fair premium is paid for lease extensions & freehold transfers

Efficiently reach an amicable agreement between both parties

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11 ways to keep your flat cool in summer

Most of us have experienced one of those hot summer nights where we just can’t settle, tossing and turning as we swelter in our unbearably …

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Fire safety in blocks of flats – advice for leaseholders

Considering that most fires occur in residential dwellings, fire safety in blocks of flats that contain multiple dwellings is an incredibly important topic. A such, …

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6 ways to deal with noisy neighbours in blocks of flats

Whether it’s loud music, drilling, dogs barking, or even stomping around and slamming doors, most of us would have experienced some kind of disturbing noise …

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Who pays for the repairs and maintenance of a block of flats?

In almost all cases, leaseholders are collectively responsible for paying for the repairs and maintenance of the block in which their flat resides. Freeholders on …

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Should I buy my freehold?

Should I buy my freehold? Is a question we’re often asked by leaseholders. But of course, it all depends on what you’re looking to achieve. …

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How to settle leaseholder disputes

Unfortunately, disputes are very common in the leasehold industry. While people can find it difficult to live peacefully near each other in houses, it’s often …

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Protecting your assets – a guide to building’s insurance for blocks of flats

Ensuring that your residential freehold is suitably insured is one of the most important things that you can do. Without building’s insurance, you as the …

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Share of freehold guide

In this share of freehold guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of owning a share of the freehold for the building in which you …

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Guide to party wall agreements

When you’re carrying out works to your property in England or Wales that could potentially affect another property, it is essential that you inform all …

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What is a flying freehold?

A flying freehold is a freehold property where a section of that property overhangs, extends, or protrudes onto another freehold property or land. This can …

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How to sell a freehold in 8 simple steps **With Infographic**

When it comes to selling any type of property, most sellers desire a quick sale or at the very least, a smooth and hassle-free sale …

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A guide to LPE1 and LPE2 forms for Leasehold Property Enquiries

When a leasehold property is being sold, conveyancing solicitors for the buyer will need to undertake a range of investigations/searches on the property. Primarily, these …

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