Freehold Calculator

Calculate the value of your Freehold Ground Rents

Our freehold calculator provides instant and accurate freehold valuation estimations

Whether you want to buy or sell freehold ground rents or are simply interested to gauge what your investment may be worth, our freehold calculator will help you to understand the potential value of the freehold interest. You’ll then be able to use this estimation of value to help you decide if and when you may be interested in selling or buying.  Please be aware that any values provided are for guide purposes only and cannot be used in a tribunal or court proceedings. 

Calculate freehold value in just a few, simple steps

To calculate approximately how much your freehold interest is worth, you will need to enter specific details into the freehold calculator tool for each flat in the building. These details include the current market value of each flat, the start date of each lease, the current annual ground rent for each flat and the original lease term for each flat (this is commonly 99, 125 or 999 years). 

You can give each flat a name by clicking in the ‘Flat name’ box and once you’ve finished with one flat, you simply need to press the green ‘+’ button to enter details for another flat. If you make a mistake or need to delete a property, you can do so by pressing the red ‘bin’ button. When you’ve finished populating the freehold calculator tool with all the flats in your building, press the orange ‘calculate’ button to see your estimated value.

If you are buying or selling freehold ground rents, it’s important to seek a professional valuation to ensure accuracy. With so many factors to consider when valuing freehold ground rents, it is easy to overlook an important element which could result in a difference of thousands of pounds. 

Once you’ve gained an insight into your freehold’s valuation using our freehold calculator, freeholders looking to sell may wish to contact us for a free appraisal from one of our freehold experts. This will ensure that you receive the maximum value of your freehold ground rents from the freehold buyer. 


Looking to sell your freehold quickly? 

We are a cash funded freehold buyer that specialises in helping freeholders to dispose of their freehold interest quickly. We could make you a cash offer for your freehold and if you accept, we’ll serve the Section 5 Right of First Refusal Notices on your behalf and manage the entire sale process to make it as hassle-free as possible. Once the sale is complete, you’ll receive your funds in full via your solicitor. 

Calculating freehold value for Collective Enfranchisement

When leaseholders come together to purchase the freehold of their building, they are exercising their legal right to collectively enfranchise. This process is dictated by the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 and essentially forces the freeholder to relinquish their interest in the property. Of course, the freeholder will be suitably compensated for their loss, as is required by law, under the 1993 Act.  

A valuation of the freehold ground rents will therefore need to be carried out by both the leaseholders and the freeholder. While it is acceptable to use the freehold calculator for an estimation of the value, it is strongly advisable to employ a qualified Chartered Surveyor in order to obtain an accurate valuation. Furthermore, results from the freehold calculator cannot be used in any Leasehold Tribunal proceedings, should the collective enfranchisement case progress to this stage.

It is entirely possible to finalise Collective Enfranchisement proceedings informally by reaching a mutual agreement on the purchase price. Taking this route will therefore avoid hefty Leasehold Valuation Tribunal costs, which can run into the thousands. In these circumstances, it is likely that leaseholders will be required to cover some or all of the freeholder’s costs.

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