About Us

We are a cash funded company that buys freehold ground rents, with a highly knowledgeable team of freehold experts to help you with your sale.

At Freehold Sale, we’ve been buying freehold ground rents for many years

This has given us an abundance of experience which we use to help our customers sell their freehold ground rents quickly and serve notices to tenants with ease. We also ensure that we remain experts in industry laws and regulations so that we can offer you accurate freehold advice.

Our aim is to provide you with a transparent and uncomplicated sale process, from start to finish. To do this, we employ a team of expert freehold advisors who will work closely with you throughout the transfer of your freehold ground rents. They will provide you with professional and friendly support, together with updates at every stage of the sale. 

Whether you’re selling your freehold ground rents to us or to another party, we can serve Section 5 Notices to your tenants for free. Our Section 5 Notice service is hassle-free, fast and efficient and will enable you to comply with your legal obligation to offer the Right of First Refusal. Find out more here.

To get started, all you need to do is contact us and provide a few simple details about your freehold ground rents. If your freehold is of interest to us, we’ll provide you with a cash offer within 24-hours, so you won’t have to spend days waiting for a response. Our service adheres to current laws and legislation and is completely confidential to protect your privacy.

We’ve recently created a range of Section Notice templates that are available to download directly from our website for free. Our intention is to make it easier for freeholders to comply with their legal obligations and save valuable time and money. We also believe that free access to these resources may help to reduce conflicts between tenants and landlords.

For the latest news on selling freehold ground rents, visit our Resources page. You’ll also find helpful information in the resources page that may answer some of the initial questions that you have. If you’d like to speak to us directly, we’re just a phone call away.

Ethical business practices

No matter whether we’re helping individuals that want to sell their freehold or companies to develop new leaseholds, we endeavour to work in a way that is both profitable for freeholders, but also fair to leaseholders. As a company we are against onerous lease terms that can result in homebuyers being trapped in developer contracts with spiralling costs.

Find out what our customers say about us on our testimonials page.