New for Freeholders: Free Notice Templates & Services

Notice Templates

Freehold Sale is now offering a range of Notice solutions to freeholders who require support with Sections 3, 20 and 166 of the Landlord and Tenant Act. With free notice templates and low-cost, professional services, freeholders can comply with their legal obligations more easily. These new solutions complement our existing Right of First Refusal Section […]

A Landlord’s Guide to Right to Manage

Landlord Rights

If you’re the landlord of a property that contains two or more flats, where your tenants have long leases, you need to be aware of Right to Manage. What is Right to Manage? Right to Manage is a statutory right that features in the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002. It enables leaseholders to transfer […]

A Landlord’s Guide to Enfranchisement and Collective Enfranchisement

A Landlord’s Guide to Enfranchisement and Collective Enfranchisement

If you’re the landlord of a residential property or a building that contains two or more flats, where your tenants have long leases, you need to be aware of Enfranchisement and Collective Enfranchisement.   Enfranchisement What is enfranchisement? Enfranchisement is the right outlined in the Leasehold Reform Act for leaseholders to buy the freehold of […]

UK Government Clamps Down on Onerous Lease Terms & Leasehold Houses

Houses of parliament

In 2017, the ground rent scandal exploded across UK media. It exposed the onerous clauses that developers had inserted into leasehold contracts, in some cases doubling the ground rent leasehold homeowners had to pay every 5 years, effectively making their homes unsaleable. When buying a leasehold home, the owner will often learn that the terms […]

Right of First Refusal Guide

Legal obligation to offer the right of first refusal

If you’re looking into selling the freehold of a property that contains flats, you need to know about the Right of First Refusal (ROFR). The ROFR falls under Section 5 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, as amended by the Housing Act 1996, that requires you by law to offer the freehold to the […]

How Much Confidence do you have in the UK Property Market?


2016 was a time of uncertainty for homebuyers. The UK property market saw significant influences from factors such as the recent stamp duty reforms and impact of the results of the EU referendum result. The start of 2017 brought about a whole host of predictions for the UK property market from industry thought leaders and […]

Freehold 101: Everything You Need To Know About Freehold Properties [Infographic]


There has never been a livelier time for property investment than today. Quick exchanges between buyers and sellers, rising market costs, plus the hunt for stability have all contributed to the need for one’s own property. The market is both exciting and lucrative, but only if you know how to navigate the waters. The real […]

London’s Expected House Price Gain [Infographic]


London is an exciting place to live. Pick the right borough and you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the buzz of the city and access to amazing jobs, plus large open green spaces, top schools and an excellent quality of life. It’s no wonder that property in our capital city remains in […]

Flat Price Index – England and Wales

Freehold properties containing flats

Property prices change all of the time, hence, if you are thinking about buying or selling, it makes sense to keep an eye on the data. Using information from the Land Registry, which reports on sales actually achieved, below is a price index specifically for flats and maisonettes. The data listed is for July 2015. […]

I’ve inherited a freehold: can I sell it?


A freehold, in basic terms, is the ownership of a plot of land and any building which stands on this site. As it is owned, it is also transferable and so it’s common for people to pass freeholds on to loved ones as part of their estate when they pass away. As such, many people […]

I’m a Freeholder – What are my Responsibilities?

As a freeholder, you own a plot of land and any property that sits on it. This property may be divided into flats which are occupied by leaseholders, and there may be a car park, access road and a garden – all of which require regular maintenance. So what are your freeholder responsibilities? Having mortgage-paying […]

What is the Right of First Refusal?

What is the right of first refusal

Basically speaking, the Right of First Refusal (ROFR) is a contractual entitlement which gives an individual or parties the opportunity to ‘enter into a business transaction’ with another entity before that entity can take its business proposition elsewhere. It is most commonly seen in situations where there is a joint venture between partners, where one might […]