A Landlord’s Guide to Right to Manage

If you’re the landlord of a property that contains two or more flats, where your tenants have long leases, you need to be aware of Right to Manage.
What is Right to Manage?
Right to Manage is a statutory right that features in the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act [...]

What is Marriage Value?

Freeholding and leaseholding … it’s a complicated world that operates with rules and regulations most of us have no concept of. For example, did you know that running a lease to under 90 years can start to damage your resale options, making a property lose value?

Also, did you know that [...]

Can I sell my freehold?

It’s a question that people up and down the country are asking: can I sell my freehold and if so, how? Just check the number of related threads created by anxious freeholders on property websites – there are dozens and dozens. It appears to be a topic that causes [...]