Section 166 Notice – Ground Rent Demand Template – England

Formally demand ground rent from tenants

What is a Section 166 Demand Notice?

A Section 166 demand notice is a formal ground rent demand issued to tenants (leaseholders) in order to collect ground rent due under the lease. This notice must conform to a prescribed format, which is set out in Section 166 of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002.

Why you must legally comply

If a freeholder fails to serve a Section 166 demand notice correctly, the tenant will not be liable to make any payment for ground rent. However, when the demand is served in the correct manner, the landlord can issue backdated demands for up to six years of unpaid ground rent.

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It is crucial that ground rent demand templates are completed accurately, as any mistakes or inaccuracies will render them invalid. Furthermore, you’ll need to ensure that you follow the Section 166 process correctly. Failure to do so may prevent you from being able to claim the ground rent from your leaseholders.

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