Sell freehold ground rents quickly and

Sell freehold ground rents quickly and easily

We are expert freehold ground rent buyers who make selling freehold interest simple.

Sell freehold ground rents quickly & easily

We will provide you with an initial offer within 24-hours, enabling you to start the selling process today.

Receive a fair and competitive offer

Our offer will be based on the market value of your freehold ground rents, so that you get the maximum return.

Free Section 5 Right of First Refusal Service

We can serve Right Of First Refusal Section 5 Notices on your behalf at no cost, even if we’re not your freehold buyer.

Get cash for freehold ground rents fast

As Freehold Sale are cash funded freehold ground rent buyers, you will receive your capital quickly, without delay.

How to sell freehold interest

Provide Freehold Sale with a few simple details
We'll provide you with a competitive offer to buy
Section 5 Notices are served to leaseholders
Solicitors manage the legal documents
We both sign the freehold transfer contracts
On completion you receive 100% of your funds

Just want us to serve Section 5 Notices? You’ll only need to provide the address of your freehold together with your written consent in our Heads of Terms and we’ll do the rest, whether we’re your freehold buyers or not. 

Contact us to discuss selling your freehold ground rents or for assistance with offering the Right of First Refusal

Why choose Freehold Sale?

As experienced freehold ground rent buyers, we understand that owning a freehold property can be a difficult and time-consuming task. That’s why we provide a simple, hassle-free buying service and free Right of First Refusal Section 5 Notice service to help remove the headache and release your freehold capital quickly. With decades of experience in buying freeholds, Freehold Sale has helped many individuals and companies to dispose of their freehold interest with ease and confidently comply with their legal obligations.

Our team of experts will support you throughout the sale, offering professional and honest advice from start to finish, to put your mind at ease. If you have any questions or concerns, we’ll always be here to help.

We buy residential freehold ground rents of any size throughout England and Wales. These can be blocks of flats or converted houses containing flats but not freeholds for houses. If there are existing problems, such as ground rent arrears, maintenance issues and ongoing disputes, we may still be interested in making you an offer so that you can dispose of your freehold interest.

What do our customers say?

How much is your freehold worth?

To calculate the value of your freehold ground rents, we will carry out a detailed market assessment using a few specific details relating to your freehold. Our highly knowledgeable freehold advisors will then help you to understand the strength of your investment and the potential value if you were to sell. 

No matter whether you want to sell your freehold ground rents quickly or ensure that you receive the maximum value of your freehold interest from a reliable freehold ground rent buyer, we will always offer you a fair price, together with an honest and transparent service.  

Our freehold ground rent valuations are valid for 14 days; however, you are under no obligation to proceed with the sale.

Notice templates and services

When owning or selling freehold ground rents, there are many instances where you will be legally required to serve notices to qualifying leaseholders. This can be both costly and challenging for freeholders, but it doesn’t need to be. 

We’ve created free templates to help you comply with Sections 3, 20 and 166. These are legal documents prepared by industry experts and are 100% free. Each template is available to you on request, directly from our website. 

As the legal requirement and procedures for the Right of First Refusal Section 5 Notice are a little more complicated, we offer a service where we act on your behalf to serve these notices, at no cost to you. This service is available for anyone selling their freehold interest, even if Freehold Sale are not your freehold ground rent buyer. 

Sell your freehold ground rents today

Find out just how easy it is to sell your freehold interest with Freehold Sale – expert freehold ground rent buyers. 

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