Selling Freehold Interest

We understand that owning a freehold can be a difficult and time consuming task. Your responsibilities may include insuring the building and making sure ground rent and insurance premiums are paid, together with managing the maintenance contract. With all of this to consider, it’s little wonder people think about selling their freehold interest, removing the headache and releasing some much needed capital.

To start the selling process, we just need some basic information:

  • The full address of the freehold
  • The number of leases within the freehold
  • The start date and term of each lease
  • The ground rent payable on each lease

This information allows us to determine the value of the freehold and provide you with an offer.

What Happens Next?

We’ll use the information you’ve provided to carry out market research to calculate an approximate value. We will then provide you with a verbal offer, which will be confirmed in writing.

If you decide to accept, we will advise you to offer any qualifying lessees the Right of First Refusal (RFR) by serving the relevant notices. Alternatively, we can arrange this on your behalf. If you don’t receive an acceptance within the specified timeframe, we will instruct our legal representative to begin the paperwork.

We aim to complete the transaction within two to four weeks of receiving a contract from your solicitor. On completion, the funds will be sent to you via your solicitor.

Our philosophy is based on keeping the entire selling process as simple as possible.
Call on 01245 227 920 or apply online to sell your freehold interests hassle-free.

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Sell Your Freehold Interest

The process of selling your freehold interest could not be easier. Simply contact us to provide some basic information from which we can make you a cash offer within 24 hours.How To Sell Your Freehold

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Our philosophy is based on keeping the entire sell freehold process as simple and straightforward as possible, whilst giving you the security of an instant cash offer.


Call on 01245 227 920 or apply online to sell freehold interests today

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