Can I buy my freehold?


A freehold agreement indicates absolute ownership of a piece of land and any property which is situated upon it. Most houses are purchased on a freehold basis, where the owner has the freedom to make changes and sell it as and when they see fit. A leasehold agreement is what gives a tenant or leaseholder […]

How long does it take to sell a freehold?

Freehold property containing leasehold flats

Whether you’ve recently inherited a freehold, or you’ve been a freeholder for decades, you have decided to sell it. Working with a specialist freehold company means that actually securing a sale is easy (if you’re unsure, check our blog ‘Can I sell my freehold?’), but how long does the process take? You don’t want it […]

What is Marriage Value?


Freeholding and leaseholding … it’s a complicated world that operates with rules and regulations most of us have no concept of. For example, did you know that running a lease to under 90 years can start to damage your resale options, making a property lose value? Also, did you know that renewing a lease that has […]

Can I sell my freehold?

Freehold property

It’s a question that people up and down the country are asking: can I sell my freehold and if so, how? Just check the number of related threads created by anxious freeholders on property websites – there are dozens and dozens. It appears to be a topic that causes much concern. Thankfully, the answer is […]

How property proprietors and political policies impact each other


In one corner, Russell Brand was previously advising young people disillusioned with politics not to vote; in the other, millions of young people are desperately trying to figure out how, or if, they’ll ever get their feet on the property ladder in the current economy without inheritance. Politics influences everything, including the property market. Labour […]

Freehold vs Leasehold

freehold vs leasehold homes

The team at Freehold Sale speaks with freeholders and leaseholders on a daily basis. Worryingly, we often find that many of them don’t fully understand the differences between the two. What is more concerning is that many of these people are not aware of the legalities and responsibilities of being a freeholder or a leaseholder. […]

Buying a Leasehold Property – What you Need to Know

Keys to a leasehold property

The number of people buying leasehold properties has risen dramatically over recent years, yet some lack knowledge about how leaseholds actually work. There are many points to consider when buying a leasehold property so here’s a few things worth considering and things to be aware of before jumping in head first. What is a Leasehold […]

Top ten tips for freehold sellers


Fed up with the constant management of a freehold? Tired of chasing ground rent payments? Unable to commit the time required for this responsibility? Do any of those points sound familiar? We’ve heard many such exclamations over the years from people who eventually decide to sell. Whatever the reason, here are my top ten tips […]

London’s Housing Boom In 2014 Infographic

Stacks of coins

I have been in the property business for many years. From being a small investor, running a chain of estate agents to being a portfolio landlord, and developing new build projects. I’ll often speak with people who ask for my advice on what to buy, when to buy it or even how to buy it. There are […]