UK Government Clamps Down on Onerous Lease Terms & Leasehold Houses

In 2017, the ground rent scandal exploded across UK media. It exposed the onerous clauses that developers had inserted into leasehold contracts, in some cases doubling the ground rent leasehold homeowners had to pay every 5 years, effectively making their homes unsaleable.

When buying a leasehold home, the owner will [...]

How Much Confidence do you have in the UK Property Market?

2016 was a time of uncertainty for homebuyers. The UK property market saw significant influences from factors such as the recent stamp duty reforms and impact of the results of the EU referendum result.

The start of 2017 brought about a whole host of predictions for the UK property market [...]

London’s Expected House Price Gain [Infographic]

London is an exciting place to live. Pick the right borough and you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the buzz of the city and access to amazing jobs, plus large open green spaces, top schools and an excellent quality of life.

It’s no wonder that property in [...]

Flat Price Index – England and Wales

Property prices change all of the time, hence, if you are thinking about buying or selling, it makes sense to keep an eye on the data. Using information from the Land Registry, which reports on sales actually achieved, below is a price index specifically for flats and maisonettes. The [...]

I’ve inherited a freehold: can I sell it?

A freehold, in basic terms, is the ownership of a plot of land and any building which stands on this site. As it is owned, it is also transferable and so it’s common for people to pass freeholds on to loved ones as part of their estate when they [...]

Can I buy my freehold?

A freehold agreement indicates absolute ownership of a piece of land and any property which is situated upon it. Most houses are purchased on a freehold basis, where the owner has the freedom to make changes and sell it as and when they see fit.

A leasehold agreement is what [...]

How long does it take to sell a freehold?

Whether you’ve recently inherited a freehold, or you’ve been a freeholder for decades, you have decided to sell it.

Working with a specialist freehold company means that actually securing a sale is easy (if you’re unsure, check our blog ‘Can I sell my freehold?’), but how long does the process [...]

Can I sell my freehold?

It’s a question that people up and down the country are asking: can I sell my freehold and if so, how? Just check the number of related threads created by anxious freeholders on property websites – there are dozens and dozens. It appears to be a topic that causes [...]

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    How property proprietors and political policies impact each other

How property proprietors and political policies impact each other

In one corner, Russell Brand was previously advising young people disillusioned with politics not to vote; in the other, millions of young people are desperately trying to figure out how, or if, they’ll ever get their feet on the property ladder in the current economy without inheritance.

Politics influences everything, [...]

What you need to know about buying a freehold

As a freeholder of many properties, I’d like to share a few points that I believe are very important to know. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to buy a freehold or already own one, take a moment to understand the facts.
Freehold vs leasehold
A freehold is [...]