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Here at Freehold Sale we specialise in assisting individuals who want to sell their freehold. We purchase freehold properties no matter the size, location or circumstance. Take a look below to find out who we work with and the services we provide:

Sell your freehold quickly

We specialise in helping individuals to sell their freehold quickly. There are all sorts of reasons why you may want to speed up the sale of your freehold, from the need to release equity, the desire to sell an unwanted inheritance, or to simply cut out the time and resource required to sell a freehold on the open market. No matter the reason, we can help you to achieve a hassle-free freehold sale.

Selling a freehold with problems

Selling a freehold can be a complex process, but there are potential problems associated with freehold that can add to that complexity. When you come to sell freehold, you may discover that there are ground rent or building insurance arrears, maintenance issues, or ongoing disputes around what the service charges are being spent on. Rather than needing to rectify these issues before the sale of the freehold, we will buy the freehold along with the outstanding problems.

Maximising the value of your freehold

We work with construction companies who want to convert or build a freehold property containing flats where they will eventually sell the freehold after selling the flats. We offer guidance on the structure of the ground rents contained in the leases and our advice takes into account the salability of the leases as well as the expected income the freeholder should expect to achieve from the sale.

For developers looking to sell a converted freehold, we will provide a written offer to buy the freehold, and can assist in the process by service a Section 5 Notice to qualifying tenants as part of the Right of First Refusal. Alternatively, for those looking to sell new leaseholds, we can provide advice on leases, from the structure of the lease, helping to define the ground rent to providing information on freeholder responsibilities.

Ethical business practices

No matter whether we’re helping individuals that want to sell their freehold or develop new leaseholds, we endeavour to work in a way that is both profitable for freeholders, but also fair to leaseholders. As a company we are against onerous lease terms that can result in homebuyers being trapped in developer contracts with spiralling costs.

We build relationships with local solicitors and estate agents

Our vast experience is buying and selling freehold properties across the UK has resulted in us working closely with a variety of solicitors and estate agents. As well being able to refer our clients to these service providers as and where required, we are also regularly recommended by these companies.

We use our collective knowledge and experience to help our clients to sell their freehold quickly, whilst providing a professional and reliable service. Take a look at what some of our clients have said about us here.

If you want to find out more about the ways in which we can help you sell your freehold, call us on 01245 227 920 or use our online contact form to speak with a freehold expert today.

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